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Websites have evolved from static webpages to the a diverse, interactive world online. Anything is possible online. At Melted Banana we create user friendly, interesting websites, giving users the optimal online experience in terms of intuitive usability and easy navigation.

Every project taken on is treated like our very own baby, with love and care, molded into the best it can be and then pushed further. There are many elements in a website, we understand the importance that each plays such as having a intuitive site, creative web design, custom development, web maintenance, responsive design and reliable hosting.

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Mobile apps are starting to replace websites now that people are spending more and more time on their mobile devices. It provides information to customers, and is an effective way to communicate with them. Apps can create loyalty through vouchers, coupons and loyalty programs. Gain information about customers as well as providing them with information. Or even use a custom mobile game as a free giveaway.

Gamers at heart we find ourselves compelled to create them. They’re are a host of reasons as to why games are great; a fun way to learn, entertainment, different way to communicate, immersing yourself into another world.

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Many companies don’t realize the value of professional graphic design. As you build your brand the corporate identity needs to be memorable and ready to use on different media, and be coherent from digital to print.

As designers we problem solve. It's the small things that graphic designers consider make all the difference in the world. We analyze and implement creative solutions to meet the criteria of each task in the system. The basic process starts by defining the problem, then research and brainstorm ideas, the initial design, present ideas for feedback, improve and test until final designs.

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Logo Animation


Melted Banana is an app and web development company. We cover all your design needs from corporate identity, 3D logo animation and illustartions to online marketing strategies.

Our journey started when we were tiny people, with a love for drawing, painting and gaming. Shortly after we met, in an art studio, we started our studies and recieved our degrees in Creative Brand Communication specialising in Graphic Design. Learning the basics of coding during our degree we then went on a journey to learn to make websites and apps, starting Melted Banana.


Fly Batty Bat icon

Fly Batty Bat

Tap the screen to fly up and stop tapping for him to glide down through a pillar. Starting in a graveyard at night and travel through many different terrains.

Fruit Pig Icon

Fruit Pig

Move fat pig around to collect monster fruit that falls from the tree. He keeps him mouth wide open, so as not to miss a bite. Get score with every bite and find multipliers hidden in eggs.

Snow-Sling icon


Aim, power-up, fire! Defend your home by slinging snowballs at the dreaded eyes. They come with everything they have and if that’s not enough the call in the big boss.

Save the Astronauts icon

Save the Astronauts

Tap on the astronauts to save them, don’t touch the asteroids or they will fly into an astronaut and harm him, then its game over! There is three different types of game play.

One Bounce icon

One Bounce

The spikes are blocking balls path, help him jump over and through the spikes without hitting them. He can handle a small scrape but to many and BOOM, it’s game over.

Gem Grab icon

Gem Grab

Coming soon. Collect as many gems from the river as you can, just pick them out by tapping on them. Some are ready for the taking but others are covered in layers of rock and crystal.


  • Website design/revamp
  • SEO setup
  • Hosting and emails
  • Domain registration
  • Monthly maintanence
  • Social media setup
  • Social media maintanence and campaigns

  • Design of app or game
  • Development
  • Maintainence and updates
  • Monetization (advertising)
  • App store and
  • Google Play hosting

  • Logo Design
  • Corporate Identity
  • Poster
  • 3D animations
  • Stockframe animations
  • Character creation
  • Illustration